Pooja Sardana and PictureBookTree honored as an unsung hero

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A Feature on PictureBookTree in Indian Express - November 20, 2011

Shreya Sareen from Indian Express explores PictureBookTree with Pooja Sardana. PictureBookTree is a tree that grows stories for children. Stories about caring, sharing, love, and growing up.



A Feature on PictureBookTree in Time Out Magazine (Delhi)

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Shinibali Mitra Saigal finds the web teeming with mommy bloggers.

Nappy rash, moody adolescents and colicky toddlers – troubled moms vent about them all on the Internet. We pick a few parent-penned blogs with a wider appeal.
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A review of PictureBookTree on Literary Sojurn - read reviews of all books on the site!

Book Review : Picture Book Tree

I feel extremely happy to be sharing the wonderful endeavour of a mother with all the readers.



PictureBookTree is a tree that grows picture books and story books for children.

Stories about caring, sharing, love, and growing up. Like any tree, it loves to share its fruit, asking for very little in return. This site, which is started by a mother, shares beautiful life messages in the form of colorfully illustrated story books. Books that in a very subtle way lead you to appreciate and love this beautiful life, value relationships, respect nature and the world we live in. This site is a gift of a parent to all parents.

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Interview with Pooja, founder of PictureBookTree on 'Better India'

Parents, many a times, invent new stories to read out to their children. Pooja Sardana is one such parent. Amidst creating new stories for her child, a thought struck her – why not share these stories with other parents so that they too can read them out to their children? Click here to read more

PictureBookTree featured on 'This Kid Reviews Books'

Picture Book Tree is a great place for younger kids (Ages 4+) to read books online. You can also track what you read by organizing the books into a reading list and check which books you have already read.  The site is very easy to use and young kids should be able to navigate it with a little help from Moms or Dads. The stories tell about nice characters like Benji in Mr. Might Meets His Hero (my favorite).  The books have nice messages about things like how nice life is, being respectful, having good friends, and helping out. The illustrations are colorful and very nice to look at....Click here to read more.


I Love You Mommy Review on August 3, 2011

What is the bond that a mother shares with her children? It’s intangible, inexpressible yet something that defines their relationship for life. Pooja Sardana tackles this theme of love and responsibility in her simple yet profound picture book “I love You Mommy”.

Beautifully hand illustrated by Pooja herself, the book takes a normal day in the life of a mom and her son, to tell a complex story about the nature of love and the meaning of responsibility. A mother’s job is never easy. The bond that she shares with her child for nine months is never severed for the rest of her life. Mothers all around the world work selflessly day and night to give their kids the best they can. Whether it is working mothers or those who chose to stay at home, their lives are defined by their children.

Pooja, whose love for kids made her chose a career in education, was very aware of her responsibilities when she had Aman, “I wanted to teach him about all that is beautiful about life. There are so many adverse influences that children have today – from popular films to television and internet. I have seen children who are jaded so early in life and I wanted to ensure that Aman learns about the small joys of life. I looked for books that could help me but they were too few and far in between. That’s how I started making books for him about the small ways in which one can make such a difference in the world, starting with our immediate friends and family.”

Told from the perspective of the little kid, the book uses simple rhymes and repetition to tell a moving story about how the son realizes that love is also about caring and looking out for each other. This emotional book, written from the heart is bound to resonate with parents all around the world.

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Posting from - July 18, 2011

Finally after months of work of our labour of love, we are finally set to launch our baby into the vast void of the internet. We hope that in time, people will love the site as much as we do and it will grow into this huge tree of stories from all around the world and that this tree will foster creativity and learning amongst many families.

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