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Our Story

Author: Pooja
Illustrator: Pooja Sardana
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Published on:
Sep, 2011

Comments :

Ayka says:

I love read stories to my pupils

Wallab says:

Just joined, and it sounds very inspirational!Thank you for having a kind and generous heart.

Tadpole says:

lovely site and story! looking forward to exploring and sharing! love and light

Sajalpaglu says:

wow what a nice idea!!! i like reading!!

Angelina says:

am really impressed by the way u guys r working. KEEP IT UP!

Suyash says:

will share soon...:D

Suyash says:


Asters79 says:

Really nice initiative. I will pass this link to as many parents as I can.

Lifeisbeautiful says:

Amazing concept! I have some stories. I will send you through Share a story link.

Vijayk says:

Damn neat! wow!

Wisdomstone says:

Hello Everyone! I am a new member. I must say, Picture book tree is a superb idea and an amazing gift to all parents. Thank you

Prerna says:

i m so glad to be a part of this dream.....every mother strives to give the best to her kids.....great effort.....i would love to contribute to your dream.....coz every baby/kid is speacial..... :)

Mountaingirl says:

What a super idea Pooja. Well done for following your dream and keep writing. I will also send you a story too.

Star2011 says:

Wow!!! It is truly a gift to all the parents.

Asters79 says:

Such an inspiring story! Keep up the good work!

About the Book

Age Group: All
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Hi, I am Pooja Sardana, a mother, a teacher, a painter, an illustrator and according to my son the best storyteller in the world! This is the story about how PictureBookTree came about. It grew from a very simple idea of telling stories to my son Aman, to teach and learn with him about love, sharing, caring and this beautiful life. Later as he grew older and wanted to see and read these stories for himself, I started making little picture books for him which he enjoyed more than any of the books I would buy for him.

One day, a small incident made me think about sharing my books with other parents and children and with the help and support of my husband and Progresar, the site gradually took shape and is now a reality. Read on to find out how it all happened!