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Nov, 1999

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Lifeisbeautiful says:
91 days ago

Me and my son re-discovered our bond after reading 'I Love you Mommy'. A beautiful story told in a simple and elegant way!

Jack33 says:
91 days ago

We took print out on colorful papers..put nice ribbons and made our own copy..this will always be part of my favorite collection

Victoria says:
91 days ago

very very nice book :-)

Asters79 says:
96 days ago

No words are needed to show, that we both love each other so! wow!

Dorathemom says:
96 days ago

highly recommend this book to all adults and kids!

Smritipathak says:
96 days ago

I am missing my mom...I love you mommy!

Jack33 says:
96 days ago

Love is an unsaid bond but thank you said it through these beautiful pictures and poetry

Rashi1 says:
96 days ago


Vijayk says:
98 days ago

Amazing! I can really relate to it because my kid shares the same bond with her mom. So far, this is my favorite on the site.

Wisdomstone says:
100 days ago

I have tears in my eyes and I am speechless

Happymother says:
118 days ago


Star2011 says:
120 days ago

This was something...To be honest, I had tears in my eyes as as I reached the end...I don't know about kids but mothers would love it...Thank you :-)

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