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Spotty and Dotty

Author: Aadyut Srivastava
Illustrator: Aadyut Srivastava
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Published on:
Jun, 2012

Comments :

Matsoft says:
85 days ago

Very nyc story aadu.......keep it up

Brijendraharkishore says:
87 days ago

nice story Aadyut. drawings are also fantastic. pl keep it up.

Monikaj9 says:
89 days ago

Hi Adyut
You have written a lovely story with nice drawing which shows the true meaning of friendsh.Keep on writing.

Aadyut says:
89 days ago


About the Book

Age Group: All
Category: Default

Read and enjoy this story about friendship written and illustrated by 7 years old Aadyut.

Happy reading :-)